It’s Been Far Too Long

So here it is, the second month of the new year and I still haven’t posted a new chapter in The Last Dance. No excuses, right? I’ll just say that life has kept me hopping lately and it has been difficult to commit time to anything outside of work and the sparse social time I get with loved ones.

I will definitely be putting out something in the next couple of weeks, and it will be either a review of a quaint little historical fiction graphic novel, another chapter of my current project, or perhaps something else entirely. Whatever it is, I hope it is as entertaining as I’ve been told my little “zombie” story has been so far.

And just to sate the curiosity of some of my readers, yes I do know exactly where I’m going with The Last Dance, I’m not just making it up as I go along (though I will say that certain details and sometimes entire scenes come to me on the spot). I know how I want the story to flow, and how it will end. I’m also going to reveal something that I was saving for later, but might as well get it out there now: It is but a tiny part of a vast universe of stories and novels that are in my head, and while it is your typical horror fiction, not everything I write in this universe will be painted with the same brush. I’m really looking forward to revealing this world of imagination to you all!

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