The Last Dance Is On Hiatus

…as if you couldn’t tell. Even though it technically isn’t a “zombie story”, it has enough parallels with the AMC TV show “The Walking Dead” (which I watch religiously) that I don’t want to risk accusations of plagiarism. Truth be told, I keep seeing stuff in recent episodes that mirror my overall outline for the story as well as draft chapters I have written over the past year, so I may rewrite it from scratch at a later date. There’s only so far you can go with a survivalist story before crossing well-tread roads, but I’m trying to stay original here.

Until then, I may post an occasional piece of prose from time to time here, or I may use this space to update my tens of readers with useless personal info. For example, another reason for a temporary moratorium on the Kaidenshi Cycle (that’s what I’m calling this entire world my stories are set in, in case I forgot to mention it) is that I’m working two jobs plus side work to stay afloat and I rarely have time to sit down and write. On top of that, I’m getting married next year and getting the house fixed up in preparation is a long process.

So, while I’m working out some of the bigger details of the Cycle in the background, there won’t be a lot of on-topic stuff here. I just might throw out some health tips every now and then, as that is another aspect of my life that is finally getting some much needed attention. It will also keep my mind on it, as I tend to procrastinate (who knew?).

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  1. Ginger says:

    Hi, Morgan!

    My name is Ginger, and I am Arleigh’s friend who wrote the book about your family! I don’t know if she mentioned it or not, but I plan to eventually write a zombie love story. This morning she referred me to yours, and I read all that you have posted. I just wanted to tell you that I think it is VERY good. I eagerly look forward to reading the rest. You are a talented bunch!

    Anyway, good luck with your upcoming wedding. Oh, and what does Kaidenshi no Kiga mean?

    • morgan says:

      Hi Ginger!

      She hasn’t mentioned that to me, but it sounds very interesting! As for my story, well it’s not exactly a zombie story and the beginnings of that aspect are revealed in the latest chapter posted. These aren’t the usual undead. Thank you for the kind words and criticism! I will definitely finish the story but that may involve a minor rewrite of what I have now to separate it from the plethora of zombie fiction out there.

      And about the wedding, thank you very much! We are really excited about it, and we’re coming up on our two year “dating” anniversary at the end of the year.

      “Kaidenshi no Kiga” means “The life of Kaidenshi” in Japanese. “Kaidenshi” is a character who has yet to be written about. All of my stories will be tied back to him, though in many of them it will be a tenuous link. I won’t say right now what his name means as that would give away a tiny bit about the world I’ve yet to write about, but if you are good with Japanese you might figure it out.

      Thank you once more for the kind words, and have a great day!


      • Ginger says:

        My boys have a slight obsession with all things Comicon. They are total fanboys! The elder is writing a superhero book of his own, and the younger LOVES anime, yet we have not come across Kaidenshi until now. I knew it was Japanese, but now I will have to look up the full meaning or lose sleep over it!

        And I read all of what you have posted and love the fusion of the undead (zombies/vampires/cannibals!) Your writing reminds me of Stephen King (of whom I am a HUGE fan!) and I can’t wait for you to continue! I really like Sarah. I always strive to create a strong heroine, too!

        Anyway, very nice to finally meet the hero of MY book in the virtual flesh. Best of luck with your endeavors, and congratulations again on your upcoming bliss!

        • morgan says:

          I was a huge anime/manga fan growing up too. As for the meaning of “Kaidenshi”, it would probably be difficult to decypher without reading a story I haven’t written yet! “Kai” alone has over two dozen meanings in Japanese, and “Denshi” has a few too. For the world my stories are set in, one meaning is “digital world”, but that’s a huge understatement and not the only connection to the mythos. That’s all I’m giving away for now! But if you really want to dig, is a great Japanese-English dictionary that allows you to search using Romaji (English phonetic of Japanese words).

          Thank you again for the words, and the favorable comparison! King is one of my all time favorite writers, mostly because of “The Stand” and “The Eyes of the Dragon”. Sarah is a very important character to me; I’ve been asked if I’m basing my characters on real people and I have to say I’ve never met anyone in real life like her. And you’ve only read a tiny bit about her!

          I was touched that you included my family names and images in your book, and I’m certainly looking forward to reading it. Seeing my sister on the cover is both eerie and awesome at the same time! It’s also a subject I’d be interested in, especially as it involves Wales. I have a particular love for that tiny part of the world, and for Druidic history.

          • Ginger says:

            Okay, I don’t want to continue to monopolize your time, so I will just say this and then leave you alone! This is a portion of an email that I sent to your sister earlier in the week:

            “I went and read what Morgan had posted of The Last Dance. He writes very well, a little reminiscent of Stephen King, whom
            I have always admired more for his storytelling prowess than for his penchant for horror (although I love being scared by a book!)

            And I’m still a little unclear on Morgan’s website title. You probably know that Japanese characters always have multiple meanings, so I suspect that it is about a sort of superhero who can control energy in his surroundings, but I’m sure that’s not the whole of it!”

            As for the commonalities between Arleigh and me, that is another whole weird thing. I hestitate to say coincidence, because I believe everything happens the way it is meant to. Suffice it to say that there are many parallels between your family and mine. The Welsh Healer was originally supposed to be based on my life, but I was inspired by your sister, and I had to change very little to go in that direction. I look forward to hearing your feedback when you get to it! Thank you for you time, Morgan. I have enjoyed chatting with you!

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