Getting Started

So, for most of my life I’ve wanted to write stories. I’ve always loved reading, and like a lot of avid readers I’ve had a desire to create my own fantastic worlds. A lot of my inspiration comes from lucid dreams, the kind where it feels as if you are awake and aware of the fact that you’re dreaming, but you stick around for the ride to see where it goes. Those are the ones I never forget, and they are almost always a complete story from beginning to end.

So, with that said, I welcome you to my little corner of inspiration and dreams. I hope you like what I publish. Speaking of, I intend to publish excerpts and snippets from time to time here, to see how well they are accepted. If it looks like a story is going in the right direction, I’ll continue it to the end and publish it in the real world. Right now my intention is to at least release an e-book format of every completed work. I don’t have a time frame for releases, as this is purely a hobby and I work A LOT in the real world.

So, thank you for taking the time to check out this little project, and I look forward to seeing your feedback!


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